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"When you find me up at 2 AM clutching a book to my chest and weeping, make me a cup of tea and hold me"



Delirium  - Lauren Oliver "Love: a single word, a wispy thing, a word no bigger or
longer than an edge. That’s what it is: an edge; a razor. It
draws up through the center of your life, cutting everything in
two. Before and after. The rest of the world falls away on
either side"
Welcome to a distant future where love is a disease that can be cured, the people who dream to find someone special are affect by deliria,a foolish and deathly virus but you don't have to worry about it when you turned eighteen the scientist will fix everything !
You will be safe and sound with a family designed by the scientist's evaluation. A family "bond" by obligation and law. Pain? No. Happiness? Yes
That's what Lena though til she met Alex and discover that love might be worth of death.
Alex,the first boy that Lena ever pay attention hide a terrible secret but even then Lena stay by his side and learns that love can be a wonderful thing or pair of knives in your heart.
Impossible love and an amazing dystopia? This is it!