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the girl with the black hat


"When you find me up at 2 AM clutching a book to my chest and weeping, make me a cup of tea and hold me"


The girl

You are probably thinking why the heck i named my blog "the girl with the black hat", since that a hat is just a accessory and not entirely essential to have a straight forward outfit. 

Hats have a personality! Hats embody spirit! 

A spirit that makes you feel free to express,to travel to distant places,to engage with different cultures and to create the most unusual thoughts.  

When you don't see  a hat on my head you probably will find a  black hat in the backseat of my car. 

Likes hats, i have a very peculiar spirit.

I'm a girl of very strange mix of tastes,i'm fond of cats, steam punk, photography, strange movies,antique bookshops,vintage clothing and accessories,trips and little coffee shops around the corner of my house.

Yeah i'm the that girl reading in a coffee shop with my big cappuccino. 
So yeah, the first thing that i should said was my name,
i'm Mariana,the girl with the black hat!