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"When you find me up at 2 AM clutching a book to my chest and weeping, make me a cup of tea and hold me"


Dying Bites (The Bloodhound Files, Book 1)

Dying Bites - D.D. Barant The story begins with Jace, a FBI agent ,who is kidnapped on a dark night by a mysterious guy who offers a contract to catch a maniac serial-killer.Jace wasn't excepting to find herself in another universe where vampires and werewolves were real. Sounds cliche?
And now you are thinking that Jace is going to fall in love with her contractor or other team member? I'm sorry if i dissapoint you. But Jace is not looking for romance or even a one night stand,her only objective is "buy" her ticket home.
But the odds are not in her favor.She might stick for a while in a world that humans don't even dream about!