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Tempest Rising

Tempest Rising - Tracy Deebs I was glad when i found myself underwater exploring sea creatures , surrounded by colorful and bright environments .So the story is about Temperance , a girl who loves surfing the biggest waves and the sea is just a part of her.The path she can escape.When she was a little girl her mom left her father and her 2 baby brothers to choose another path.Since then , the older sister, was the mother that the boys never had and the support her father needed it.There’s only 2 things that Temperance can’t live without:her family and sea.What will she choose? Her family:smart and easy choice .but handling that decision could be a snake in her boots.The attraction to the sea is growing and the strings that attached her to the earth are being suppress by the new mystery boy that save her in that night.And when she found out that the boy who protect her from the bad guy (or should i say woman )gone missing, she breaks her rules and become what she most fear.Mermaid.Creature who lives in the deep of the ocean ,half human ,half fish.A sparkling tail and gills weren’t in her plans.She just wanted to live as normal teenager with her surfer boyfriend and her strange family.But faith wasn’t ready for that and now she is the one who will save the seas against the terrible sea witch who want to rule the entire kingdom underwater .

This book really catch my attention cause I really can rely on what Temperance was going through choosing between what she loved most and her needs to feel complete like one person in one body.
And the main reason i loved this book was that i secretly always wanted to be a mermaid.

Catch the sea vibe and explore the sea!