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Tempting the Best Man (Gamble Brothers)

Tempting the Best Man - J. Lynn, Jennifer L. Armentrout The story begins with Madison going to her brother weeding and feeling really bad by meeting her all time crush.In three days Maddie will realize that things are not so black and white and Chase is the "grey" she never taught it could exist.The main plot is about maddie chilhood and how Chase was involved and how they are gonna fix the present when the past is so messed up with insecurities and fears of being reject over and over.Actually this was a great book but it wasn't enough to feed my love of chick lit books.
Sure,Madison and Chase story is a great overwhelming story.And seeing Chase finally realizing that he loved Maddie was a beautiful and heart-breaking moment but it didn't make me starve for more.
If you want a light read and super fun read,i definitely recommend this book.

Favorite quote:
Chase’s smile matched hers. “I think we need to break the news to your parents face-to-face, because this…” He kissed her again, his tongue tangling with hers, drawing a breathy moan. And that kiss went on until her toes curled inside her heels and her heart thudded heavily in her chest.
Kissing Chase—loving Chase—was something she’d never get tired of.
Pulling back, his mouth formed a smile against hers and he said, “This is forever.”