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Succubus Revealed (Georgina Kincaid, Book 6)

Succubus Revealed - Richelle Mead Before Reading: I'm so excited Georgie is going to work in Las-Vegas and be the same kick ass succubus from book one!

After Reading:Oh boy,i was deeply wrong.The book is super predictable but i guessed i wasn't expecting Seth being Georgina first husband and lover reincarnation i will give props to miss Richelle for saving that twist for last!
I gave the three starts to the whole series because this one would be a two and half/stars book.

My Problems with the series:
When i meet Georgie or like i like to call it the hot mess,she was fun, sarcastic and a kick ass heroine (she had everything to become one of my favorite female characters).Sure,she had a devious past but she overcame that and grow into a strong woman.And then in book 3,Georgina that i known just vanished, the hard-working Georgina was fading.She fell back into being a slacker like Jerome said.All that came out of Georgina mouth concerning Seth was whining or saying how great he was or how much she loved him.Am i a maniac?Just because i hate Seth?I don't think so! He betrayed Georgina with Maddie and "leaved her" in the first part of this last installment.
And What about the other guys ? Roman and Dante?
Yeah, i guess Dante was not a bad guy,but damn he cared for Georgina!And bam,she betray him for Seth!
Roman,who i admitted that for me he was THE GUY,was always there for Georgina and they had some crazy chemistry! And bam,she choose Seth over the man who put his life on the line every time she is in danger and "gives her" the most precious thing to her!
I guess i will never understand the all fuss about Seth!
Sure Seth was her first husband and sold his soul to be with her but when she needed him.Where has he?

Then was the thing i loved in this book, and it was Georgie friends,they are priceless and always funny.True Friends!

“I'm not worthy of that," I said. I might be human now, but I understand how powerful a heavenly creature Carter was. "I don't deserve that much regard."

He reached out and tipped my chin up. "You do, Georgina. And if you don't believe me now, then strive to be. Live you life. Be kind. Love those you know. Love those you don't know. be worthy of your soul."

A tear escaped, rolling down my cheek and probably messing up my mortal mascara. "Thank you, Carter. Thank you for everything.”

Because Carter’s not your only fan.” When I looked back up, I saw Roman’s green eyes were deadly serious. “You’re a remarkable woman, just by your own nature. Smart. Funny. Compassionate. But what’s really great is that you’re so easy to underestimate. I did when we first met, you know. And Hell is now. No matter what their reaction to your appeal is, I guarantee most of them doubt you have a chance. You’re going to prove them wrong. You’re going to break the unbreakable. And I’ll be there helping you, as much as I can.”