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Savor You (Savor Us, #1)

Savor You (Savor Us, #1) - Emily Snow Reaction Before Reading :
I loved the plot! It's not your typical Boy meets girl and falls in love.The characters know each other since they were kids and been friends with benefits for so long that they can't even remember. But they want more and more means settle down for each other and fix their dyfunctional and filled with lies relationship.
And that cover? Amazing,loved the tattoos!

Reaction After Reading :
Oh god why?
This book had me nearly throw my kindle to a wall. And i really love my kindle!
When you fall in love, you cherish the little things like the first time he hold your hand or the first time he kiss you or the first time he stood up for you or the first time he brushed your hair. And i guess this book is missing the little things, the things that make you adore your boyfriend as a friend and a lover.
Sure,the chemistry is there and you find yourself watching a game of cat /mouse.

So i didn't felt the love connection that makes me fall in love.
For example,i think is missing a more detail background of their love story and about her tattoos.
I guess this was an okay read so i will wait to see more sides of this story.