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The Van Alen Legacy (Blue Bloods, Book 4)

The Van Alen Legacy - Melissa  de la Cruz In the fourth book of the series all we known is upside down! The best book of the series! Mimi is on the spotlight,she shows us i different side of herself , more caring and much more funny.
While i was reading the book, Mimi become one of my favorite characters on the blue bloods series, she struggles between desire and obligation. She succumb to her desires and fell in love with person she wouldn't ever fall in love.But in the end she choose to be faithful to her obligation. in the ending of this book,the loss of Mimi is carve with resent and pain, she swears to give retribution to the ones that destroy her path to happiness.In other hand, Sky remains the same. Although she becomes stronger because the lost of her grandfather she is still the silly girl that fall in love with the impossible guy and abandoned and hurt the one who always was there to help, to care and to love.Oliver didn't surprise me with his late decision, he show more love to Sky than Jack, He do everything he could and everything he couldn't to protect her and in the end he still care and treasure her.