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Stray (Shifters, Book 1)

Stray - Rachel Vincent Little Review

Meet Faythe,a all-american grad student,who has a loving roommate and a cute boyfriend.Let me rephrase it. Meet Faythe,a were cat, one of the 8 breeding female werecats left. But Faythe didn't want to be in the Pride and near of her demanding family.So she runway and tried to be nothing similar to her family.Admit it.You thoughts reading this review are "Again? Seriously?Tying to be a normal girl? A Boring Classic!" But i'm here to amazed you and to tell you that Faythe isn't ashamed of her cat abilities they come out handy when a stray attack her from behind. Faythe is back on the game.And the Pretend life is over now(sorry Hun)."Daddy's Little Girl" is returning home,she gonna be protect by her awesome brothers and other awesome men(did i said awesome , i mean HOT men!).
Being in home,brings back some old good memories or not. Mark,the sexy "alpha",the most trusted guy by her father and her previous fiance,is making her remember what she left back when she walk out and her college boyfriend seems to disappear from her head.Faythe refuses to stay in the ranch with the freak-control Mark who doesn't let her be with whatever she wants.She could but in the next day the guy who touched her tiny figure would be on a body bag.But when the female werecats are disappearing,Faythe is doomed to be over-protected.What is killing and torturing the werecats? And what for?

Just a few thoughts:I don't why i took so long to read this one,Until 50 % was a kind of boring and annoying mainly because of the erratic behavior of Faythe but when i pass the 50% mark , oh boy i just loved it i guessed only half book was good that's the reason i'm giving only 3 stars. I definitively gonna read the next book on the series!