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Succubus Heat (Georgina Kincaid 4)

Succubus Heat - Richelle Mead Pros:
-Roman( i missed him,i know he tried to kill Georgina but i truly love his attitude )
-The sarcastic tips about The Army of Darkness.
-New demons and new stories.
-The bad-ass Georgina in the beginning.
-Finally Georgina broke up with Seth.
-Georgina stasis(i missed succubus Georgina,i missed the sarcasm and the funny conversations)
-Seth (i know people love seth but i can't like him, first he said he loves Maddie and then when Georgina is "human" is like all problems are gone and they can live happily ever after.Sure Seth was just "protecting" Georgina when he broke up with her but let me break down for you Georgina slept with people because she need it and he slept with Maddie because he felt like it. Deal with the consequences!)
-Dante betrayal(why Dante ? why? I was betting my horse on you! and you failed me!)