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"When you find me up at 2 AM clutching a book to my chest and weeping, make me a cup of tea and hold me"



Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning "The good guys and bad guys aren’t as easy to tell apart as I used to think they were. You can’t look at someone with your eyes and take their
You have to look with the heart.
The end …for now".

Mac used to think bad guys were easy to catch until she meets the dark and mysterious Barrons. And now you're thinking that this is another book series bad boy meets innocent girl just let me tell you, you're dead wrong!Don't you adore when the story contributes with something mean-full to your life?Mac taught me to overcame "fires" and stay strong even if you are in a huge mess or even if you don't know who you are.Barrons taught me to trust my instincts and V'lane(not exactly V'lane) taught me that deceiving is way too easy so i keep my eyes wide open.
So this series is not about romance is mainly about Sinsar Dubh "the book of evil" like i like to call it. And all characters that enter this world to steal it and use it but then Mac is the only one that can sense it so she was in a huge problem from the beginning!Above all that Mac and Jericho relationship grows deeper.So be ready to read some of the best scenes ever wrote. Unique twists mold this amazing story and you will be surprised in every single chapter. The dirty little secrets are all coming out. Can you handle them?