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Bloodrose (Nightshade #3)

Bloodrose - Andrea Cremer So here i am reviewing the book that broke my heart or should i say rip my heart out? Shall i begin?
The plot is very simple, They are all preparing to a inevitable and cruel war (Searchers vs Keepers).The book are submerge in adventures where they find obstacles and completely different type of guardians to find "relics" that can determinate the end of the war. And of course Romance is included.I'm gonna leave the "wonderful" love triangle to the end. Overall the book had many twists and pleasant surprises like Adne and Connor or Ethan and Sabine relationship and the first chapter was just priceless but then the story just messed up.I felt like the ending was a easy way out.
At 84% (Andrea ,will never forgive you!) the world just collapse and after that happen i was just reading to get it done.Finally my "favorite topic" on this review :
how can you love someone that you just met?I think Calla just loved to feel the vibe of forbidden romance!How can you not treasure someone that did it everything for you? Even put a "death sentence" on himself! And not be in pain when something happen to the person that you grow with?I will never understand the instant love of Shay and Calla and why Shay is better than Ren.At last i will never understand this book!